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Exploring Business and Management Programs

From an MBA in Business, Government, and Not-for-Profit Management to certificate programs, Willamette offers several programs to help you succeed. Our programs blend academic rigor, real-world experience, and a welcoming environment to prepare our students for their careers.

Business, Management and MBA Programs in Oregon

Willamette offers programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We know that every student is different, which is why we offer a wide array of academic formats to choose from. Enhance your management skills through our certificate program or learn about data analytics through our MBA degree program.

Understand what earning a degree in management or business looks like at ̫ӳ.

  • Undergraduate Business and Management Programs
    • 3/2 MBA Program 
      • Willamette offers a BA/MBA program where students can earn a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Business Administration in just five years. This accelerated MBA program equips students with the knowledge and skills required for leadership roles in the business world. The program's structure encourages a seamless transition from undergraduate studies to an advanced business management education.
    • Business Major
      • Undergraduate students seeking a solid foundation in business can choose to major in business. This program covers a broad range of business disciplines, preparing students for their future careers.
    • Business Minor
      • For those who wish to complement their primary field of study with business acumen, Willamette offers a business minor. This option enables students to gain valuable business insights while pursuing other academic interests.
  • Graduate Business and Management Programs

    Willamette's Graduate School of Management provides several specialized MBA programs, each catering to distinct career goals and needs.

    • MBA for Early Career and Career Change (Full-Time MBA)
      • This program is ideal for recent graduates preparing for their first professional position or career change. It provides a comprehensive MBA experience. Students can utilize internships and real-world projects to ensure they are well-prepared for their management careers.
    • MBA for Professionals (Part-Time MBA)
      • Willamette offers a part-time MBA program for working professionals seeking to earn an MBA without interrupting their careers. It provides flexibility and convenience while maintaining the high standards of business education.
    • One-Year MBA Program
      • For students with an AACSB-accredited undergraduate degree in business who want to expedite their MBA, Willamette's one-year MBA program is the perfect choice. Students in this program complete the MBA curriculum in 12 months, allowing students to enter the workforce with a competitive advantage.
  • Dual Degree MBA Programs
    • MBA and Data Science Dual Degree (MBA/Master of Science in Data Science)
      • In collaboration with the School of Computing & Information Sciences, Willamette offers a unique MBA/MSDS dual-degree program. It equips students with a solid foundation in both business management and data science. Get a better understanding of business analytics to succeed in a data-driven role.
    • JD/MBA Program
      • Within four years, you can combine the power of law and business with this joint JD/MBA degree. Blend two different curriculums into a unique set of skills for a competitive advantage in today's job market.
  • Business and Management Certificate Programs
    • Attorney Leadership Programs (Certificate)
      • Designed for legal professionals seeking to enhance their business acumen, this program offers a specialized certificate in business leadership. It equips lawyers with the necessary skills to navigate the complex world of corporate law and management.
    • Leadership for Managers (Certificate)
      • Experienced managers have a pathway to sharpening their leadership skills. This certificate provides specialized training and insights to help managers excel in their roles and drive organizational success.
    • Public Management (Certificate)
      • This program offers specialized training for professionals aiming to excel in the public sector. It equips students with the skills needed to effectively manage public organizations and serve their communities.
    • Utility Management (Certificate)
      • Designed for professionals in the utility industry, this program provides specialized training in utility management. It prepares students to navigate the unique challenges of this sector and drive innovation and sustainability.

More than just a business management school

Willamette is committed to academic excellence and experiential learning. This ensures that Willamette graduates are well prepared for career success in the competitive global market place. Throughout all programs, you'll find academic opportunities to secure hands-on experience that is relevant to your career path.

If you choose to pursue an MBA, you can choose to enhance your degree with a concentration that is relevant to your career goals. Dive into the world of global management or study organizational management. You can even focus on finance, accounting, or marketing. We have several MBA focus areas to choose from through our ECCC program.

With locations in both Portland and Salem, students have access to an abundance of career opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon is home to a thriving business environment, with a growing technology sector, a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, an ethos of corporate responsibility, and a focus on sustainability. Outside of the classroom, take advantage of the coast, scenic hiking trails, and iconic dining options.

Additionally, the strong network and alumni base of ̫ӳ offer valuable connections and opportunities for career advancement. MBA students can take advantage of these connections and position themselves for a successful career. With connections at top companies across the globe, students are well-positioned to cultivate professional relationships that can lead to ideal job placements.

The MBA programs available at ̫ӳ cater to a wide range of students with diverse aspirations. Whether you're a recent graduate, an experienced manager, or someone looking to make a career change, Willamette can help. Willamette's comprehensive offerings provide the education and experience needed to succeed in the dynamic world of business management. ̫ӳ stands as a leading institution for MBA programs.

Learn more about each program to find the right business or management program for your needs.