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Why Willamette

Lead the future. We’ll show you how. We've been growing the leaders of the future since 1842.

Set the Pace

The future is innovative. Change occurs at an accelerated pace. At WU, you won’t just learn how to keep up and react to change, you’ll learn to get out ahead of it so you can be a driver of change.

  • Individualized Education: WU is a dedicated liberal arts school with the resources and network of a large university. This means you get the best of both worlds: an individualized education filled with incredible opportunities.
  • Accelerated Programs: Jump right in to earn your undergraduate and graduate degrees in less time so you have an extra year of earning power.

Go Beyond Theory

The future is interactive. Participate in a tradition of inventive education. Conduct applied research. Get experience in the field that allows you to practice what you learn in the classroom out in the world. Learn how to transform knowledge into action.

  • Internships: WU students have countless opportunities for career preparation and experience during their undergraduate work. We’ll help you find internships that fit your unique goals and lay the groundwork for the career you want.
  • Undergraduate Research: Do graduate-level research as an undergraduate. Graduate more than ready for grad school or the job market.
  • Volunteer Work: Connect what you learn in the classroom to community service and bring your education out into the world.
  • Capitol: Learning in a state capitol means being connected to the center. Here, you have unprecedented access to state government and law as well as all of the cultural resources, like museums and archives, that make up the heart of our state.

Break Boundaries

The future is interdisciplinary. ̫ӳ is where areas of study come to collide. Don’t limit yourself to traditional confines. At Willamette, you’ll think around problems to make unexpected connections. Learn to generate industry-crossing ideas that push the edge of knowledge.

  • Career Communities: Make the connections you need to create the careers you want. Career Communities are designed to help you turn your knowledge into action through co-curricular engagement, professional exploration, informational interviews, networking, and beyond.
  • Dual Degrees: Study the connections between disciplines that generate original ideas with our dual degree programs.

Create Connections

The future is interconnected. Grow your community. Advocate for change. Gain global perspective. Network for your career. Prepare to lead in a collaborative and ever-changing world.

  • Global Perspective: WU’s study abroad programs give you the opportunity to learn in over 40 countries. Our partnership with Tokyo International University means that you can make global connections right here on campus.
  • Mentorship: Our faculty aren’t just your teachers, they become your life-long mentors.
  • Networking: Make friendships that will last a lifetime and inspire you to work toward your goals and achieve your dreams.
  • Advocacy: Learn to be a changemaker well beyond your college years.


Learn how sustainability and community intersect in our ecological programs. Discover how sustainability is a part of every major.

Matriculation Candle ceremony


Experience the unique traditions that bring our campus community together.

About Willamette

Connecting the heart of Oregon to the world, our innovative approach to education has been cultivating leaders since 1842.