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Theatre 33

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Poster of Ape by Dano Madden
May 23-26 and May 30-June 2

ApebyDano Madden

A middle-aged man, struggling to become a parent, finds himself haunted by the spirit of his dead mother, creating even more distance in his already faltering marriage. APE is a play about ghosts, those who have died, those who never existed, and consciousness that lies inside of consciousness. The play explores the effect of memory on our essential sense of being and ultimately asks how it is possible to truly exist in the present moment?


Poster of Grow Learn Play by Sara Jean Accuardi
June 20-23 and June 27-30

Grow Learn PlaybySara Jean Accuardi

It won't stop snowing, it's getting late, Gloria's parents still haven't come to pick her up, and these daycare employees just want to get home. A play about the importance, and the limits, of sharing and caring.


Poster of Gone by Lolly Ward
July 25-28 and August 1-4

GonebyLolly Ward

A will provides peace of mind as four stepsiblings divide their anticipated inheritance with generosity…with suspicion…with greed. Gamble the night away, but whatever you do, don’t leave the house – your family is watching.



Group; or Marlene is Dead photo of people in group thearpy

June 1 at 2 PM and June 2 at 7 PM

Group; or Marlene is Dead, by Sofia Molimbi, is not your typical parenthood comedy. Set in modern day, Portland, Oregon, “Group” follows the lives of five parents and two professors, who are all desperate to salvage their rocky home lives. Professor Marlene’s parenting class becomes an incubator that either kills you or saves you. Structurally, the play moves swiftly from past to present, and back again, creating bitter sweet moments and a deeper level of understanding how we got “here.” This fast-paced tragicomedy is an honest portrayal of the struggles of relationships, divorce, fertility, and motherhood.


photo of a chain link fence

June 29 at 2 PM and June 30 at 7 PM

Red Line by Barbara Hume
Both historic and topical, Red Line takes place from 1938 to 1948 in St. Louis depicting the impact of segregation on two young men, one White and one Black, who share backyards in a segregated neighborhood. Their friendship crosses many boundaries testing their friendship and the status quo of racism in their community.


photo of a room with cellophane covering it

July 27 and 28 at Hopewell Hub

Theatre 33, Northwest Theatre Workshop, and Hopewell Hub present Fragments, a series of site-specific, devised short plays accompanied by live music, local art exhibits, and wine tastings to celebrate the Hopewell Hub landscape and the region's artistry. 

About The Event:

Fragments is an interactive, walking theatrical event comprised of six short plays that explore the intersections of life, mystery, and bird song within Hopewell Hub.

Before and after each performance, enjoy live music, local art exhibits, and wine tastings in celebration of the Hopewell Hub landscape and the artistry of the region.


photo of a mans head on a serving platter

August 3 at 2 PM, August 4 at 7 PM

Wife of Headless Man Investigates Her Own Disappearance By Yussef El Guindi
Salwa thinks she may have been drugged during her interview with tech giant Owen – a payback for her take-down articles about him and his company. How else to explain the chunks of missing time and shifting realities that started taking place after meeting him, including returning home and finding her immigrant husband, Bassem, headless, but still miraculously living and talking. Sometimes we have to travel out of what we know to understand who we really are.


Create, Cultivate, and Collaborate

Theatre 33, in residence at ̫ӳ, is a new play development company that helps Oregon/NW playwrights develop their new scripts from our 60-hour rehearsed workshop production (fully designed lights, sound, props, set, costumes, entirely staged with scripts in hand), to a world premiere full production.

We are so grateful to our sponsors!

Theatre 33 - 2023 Summer New Play Festival is supported by a grant from Transient Occupancy Tax from the City of Salem.

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