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Willamette's graduate schools in Oregon

Interested in advancing your career or honing your skills? Willamette offers an array of graduate programs to help you achieve your goals.

Explore our Oregon graduate programs

Whether you're seeking to advance your legal career, delve into the depths of artistic expression, harness the power of technology, or pursue a business career, Willamette offers a graduate program tailored to your aspirations.

With programs in Salem and Portland, students have the choice to pursue additional education after their undergraduate program. Our graduate programs help students acquire the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities that are necessary. Learn more about our grad schools in Oregon to learn how you can take the next step in your career.

  • Atkinson Graduate School of Management

    Our Oregon business school equips students with the tools and experience needed to advance their careers. All programs incorporate hands-on learning, allowing students to gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Choose between a full-time MBA program, a part-time MBA program, and an accelerated MBA program. Students can also pursue our dual degree options through a BA/MBA, a JD/MBA and even our MBA/MSDS program.

    With classes in Salem and Portland, students can network with iconic and successful companies within the Pacific Northwest.

  • College of Law

    As the oldest law school in the Pacific Northwest, the College of Law has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence. The school offers a comprehensive range of Juris Doctor programs, along with specialized certificate programs in law-related topics. For those seeking to combine their legal expertise with business acumen, the JD/MBA program provides an unparalleled opportunity.

    Students are steps away from the Department of Justice, the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, the Tax Court, the Marion County District Court, and government agencies. This provides unparalleled networking opportunities and hands-on learning experiences. Classes are available in Salem.

  • Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies

    For aspiring artists and designers, the serves as a creative haven. The school offers a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and a Master of Arts (MA) in various subjects. Students can also pursue a joint MA/MFA degree. Emerging artists can further develop their skills and gain professional experience through the Post-Baccalaureate Residency program.

    Classes are available in Portland, connecting students with the vibrant community of artists, innovators, and creators.

  • School of Computing and Information Sciences

    Our School of Computing and Information Sciences prepares students to become leaders in the digital age. Enhance your skill set through our computer science master's degree. We also offer joint degree programs such as a BS/MS and MBA/MSDS degree. Secure an advanced degree in data analytics or computer science to advance your career.

    With campuses in Salem and Portland, students can find the right program and location for their own goals.

Join one of our Oregon grad schools

Pursue your passions, advance your career, or explore the world of technology – our graduate programs will transform your future. Secure your certificate or master's degree through Willamette.

A commitment to academic excellence and student success

Willamette distinguishes its graduate programs by emphasizing small class sizes, personalized instruction, and a collaborative learning environment. Students learn from expert professors who are at the forefront of their fields.

Our graduate programs foster a diverse and inclusive learning community, attracting students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This rich tapestry of perspectives enriches the classroom environment and promotes intellectual exchange among students and faculty alike.